Oh look!
Portland is back in the High Risk Category!
Yea!! ?

And just when we thought it was safe to gather in groups and reopen our schools and go to restaurants and, you know, Have Fun!!
Because having fun and making money and stuff is far more important than not getting sick and dying.

So Kate, if you're listening...

(to anyone other than that bunch of soccer moms out in Happy Valley who need those fucking little brats out of the goddamn house, so they can do whatever they do with the fucking little brats out of the house)

...if you really expect to ascend into Wyden's chair, y'all better step it up.
And by that I mean be a leader! Re-Open everything! Let's party. Well, I mean 'Let Them Party.'

Because you and I know, the more of "them" that get sick and die, the fewer there will be to decide you are completely out of your element. And frankly girl, this kneejerk "Deer In The Headlights" thing you got going on ain't doin it.

So Kate, fun is more important. Brats outta the house is more important.
And Oregon has too many fucking Californians anyway.