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There are quite a few ways to spend $55,683


The police are taxpayer paid terrorists. And when they murder someone and the city pays off the family, well that's taxpayer money, too. This country spends well over a TRILLION dollars on paying the police (that's not even including all of the civil payouts) and police don't prevent crime, police don't solve crime, police commit crime, and police cover up crime. If we got rid of the police there would be very little change in crime (it would still exist) with the glaring exception of crime committed by cops with badges and murder weapons.

Corporations don't pay taxes. The wealthy don't pay taxes. Everyday working stiffs without whom there would be no billionaire CEOs pay more taxes than anyone. They are fleeced by the aforementioned through wage theft and tax evasion. They hold the country together while those who take and take and take by any and all means necessary work to destroy the country entirely.

Politicians take more taxpayer money than cops. They get paid handsomely while working barely at all (and no fundraising and campaigning are not considered working, since they're supposed to work for the people, but they don't do they)? People like Trump literally just exist to take other people's money and he conned the country out of hundreds of billions if not over a trillion dollars while pretending to be president and he's STILL at it - a $200,000 a year pension, round the clock security detail, and his cult base still donating more money than ever.

As for you racist line of bullshit, what exactly are you talking about? The fund set up to help Black businesses was shut down by the state because a bunch of whiny white men in Eastern Oregon were pissed Black people were getting something they weren't. So many whiny white men (and women) in this state. White supremacy reigns supreme in Oregon!

Or are you talking about the doxxing happening to the founder of Black Lives Matter and the false accusations against her having taken money donated to BLM (not a not for profit, btw)? Because Patrisse and her colleagues have proven she has not taken any money from BLM.
There is, however, a fake BLM Foundation that was created in California (currently under investigation and currently under a cease and desist order to stop using the Black Lives Matter name to raise money) that has raised millions and taken millions. They are the same kind of people who set up charities that have names that sound similar to other charities such as Make a Wish or any number of others and all they do is take well meaning people's money and shove it in their pockets while laughing their asses off as they dupe people.

And lastly there are the organizations in this country like the NRA that are money laundering ventures for the Russians. Trump's a Russian asset and has been since the '80s and the government has proven as much (yet still refuses to hang the fucker on the wall for treason which is the least he deserves, since he murdered over half a million people in this country and counting as well as attempted a coup to make himself master and commander under Putin until the end of time).

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