Your reporters need to crack Roget's Thesaurus and get a clue. Last night wasn't the first "riot" of 2021, it was the first police riot. Leaked emails show that NYPD's terrorist squard was deployed against BLM protestors last year and one of their tactics was planting people among the protestors to create chaos and violence. Do you think the other 18,000 police departments in the U.S. don't use similar tactics, either officiallyi or—like the Hardesty operation—on the down-low? Last night showed provocation by police, threats to shoot peaceful protestors (clue: taunting the cops isn't violence, it's protected speech, particularly when the protest is ABOUT police violence and impunity. Police brutality and impunity is a local issue. Portland must get control of the PPB and ensure that they know who is boss: the people. No more testi-lying, no more pretexts to hassle poc, no more military-style violence against our community, no more sucking at the taxpayer by useless overtime and useless training, no more hiring people with no college degrees, no more harassment of females, no more union activity to double-down on qualified immunity, a law that even judges hate and despise. Do it, Portland, make your voices heard—tell the Mayor you want the police to clean up or get out.