What we've seen speaks for itself.

I'm no longer scared of the others, no matter what country or planet they are arriving from.

It's clear we need their help to move things forward and as we have been unable to settle our society issues and differences on our own. Maybe we can look to these aliens to help us.

Humans seem to breed violence and destruction where ever they go, and in turn respond with violence and destruction in an attempt to dissuade further violence and destruction.

It don't always understand humans. Such strange creatures.

Perhaps they learned something about our world and the people in it before they joined us in Portland and would be willing to share pieces of their science and culture with us. God I hope so.

Sure anytime distant cultures come in contact with each other people talk Cortez and the somehow inevitable exploitation and destruction of one culture to make room for the more advanced. Sure humans have more than just a tendency to do that, but it doesn't always have to be like that. We've come into contact with other species and not destroyed them. It might be rare but it happens.

Look at dogs. Dogs are nice. Everyone likes dogs.

I for one welcome our new best friends.