I’m fucking IRATE!

What the fuck were you fucking thinking?!

How could you have been so careless?

I thought you were smart! I supported you! I vouched for you!

Now I hear that you put our entire uprising in jeopardy by working with shady cops?!

You’ve seriously set us back years with your stupid fucking corrupt behavior.

We’ll push through, we’ll find a way to clean up the fucking mess you left us with. But come the fuck on, what were you thinking?

Do you realize all the projects you’ve compromised with this amateur bullshit?

We are against cops because they are fascist! How many times have you shouted that yourself!?!
Why would you fucking trust them with anything?

You stupid fuck. You got played BIG TIME and now your are going to leave us holding the bag.

Fuck you! You fucking traitors!

May Karma greet your days.