You sat in the "Do not Sit" seat in front of me. Crowded bus. Social anxiety for me has worsened due to Rona. Rona aside, I never care for crowds, always frustrated with packed buses, always like personal space.
I understand you're too dumb to understand a do not sit sign. I don't understand your disregard for rules but then again I do understand because now that Rona is no longer an issue and we're back to public shootings, you get to act out your capacity for being a part of the city of Morons. So you started scratching your back and your gross pimples right in front of me where you aren't supposed to sit. I coughed.
You turned and boy did you make a crying fuss about how rude that is, how it's a bus, how it's a public space, you can sit where you want. I jumped in why are you sitting in front of me. Again, you are too dumb to realize what seat you're in. I said go catch a cab if you want private space. Let's face it, the Rona idea has also got you freaked out over coughs. Give me a break. More, if you're really concerned about Rona, and it's not that either, your senses are just heightened because of it, and any cough puts you in hysteria, your dumb dumbass wouldn't have sat in front of me in the do not sit seat. Common sense too much for you?