Your buddy saw you and started chatted while standing instead of sitting in the seat next to you. Okay, explain dummy, you're freaked out over a cough. You and your dumb friend are too dumb to realize that he doesn't need to stand to talk to you. He is above you, where all his mist is falling right in your head, trust me through the mask. Clearly you don't care about social distance or you would've sat in the seat other than the one in front of me. Or does that intrude your personal space for your friend to sit next to you? That's not it either. You dummies just didn't want to sit next to each other but you sure were blabbing up a storm. And you're freaked out over a cough? You wanna control who coughs on a bus. You wanna control where you sit on a public bus. You wanna dictate how the ride goes for you on a public bus, all to which from the start when I said why are you sitting in front of me, you responded because it's a bus.
Thats right moron, it's a bus, a public bus. You don't get to make your rules of where you sit, who gets to cough, and if your friend can sit next to you. Which believe me was not an issue of your friend sitting too close to you. It was an issue of you sitting in the wrong seat, then you two dummies, too dumb to realize that yes, people can sit next to each other and they usually do when they know each other. It doesn't mean one row, one person which why would rules matter to you anyway when you already sat in the do not sit seat dummy.