Here we are again.

I can't say there weren't better offers along the way, but none of them seemed as right as you.

I'd never thought we'd get this far Portland, but we're doing it, we are almost through the pandemic and getting even closer to everyone being inoculated with the vaccine.

I'm starting to remember what hope is. I'm starting to remember all kinds of things, but mostly how weird and majestic this big town called Portland really is.

There are still a few, well quite a few, oddities and conundrums in this mad mad mad world, but I guess the sense that wheels are starting to move again and we are at least heading in the right direction.

I recognize that this space was mostly for rants and stuff, but I want to hold on to this feeling of contentment for a bit.

Way to go on making it this far Portland!

Do your best to keep it as real as you can