Post vaccine clarity here, for those who are uninitiated, WOW, all the feels. Over the last few days, can't help but reflect on some of my anger and behavior over the last year. I didn't know where to say this so here is it. I'm sorry. I am sorry, random skateboarder, for yelling at you to fix your mask, or to the lady who walks her dog near my house, or my neighbor who had their family and friends with them and made me ancy. I realize now, that with all of the mortality being forced in our faces, I reacted in ways that were in retrospect, a bit deplorable. I really treated some people like shit, and even acted a little violent. My fears made me a tyrant beyond "reasonable responsible citizen", and post-vax clarity has made me realize just how polarized I was acting. This isn't easy for any of us, and so much has been, and still feels, pretty unclear. But what is clear, is that I want to be kinder, more tolerant, and more understanding, of people and their choices, as my "new year" resolution. Thank you, Portland!