Occupy Wall Street 2.0



Of all the ridiculous things I've read here, this beats them all.

Do not take this investment advice, or any financial advice you read in I, Anonymous.


I think you're missing the whole give to the poor and those less privileged part if things. Which is where occupied ultimately failed as well. They were willing to risk their health camping for as long as it take a to been seen and acknowledged. They were willing to invest their knowledge building new contraptions to power the camps and set up a hierarchy system to manage camp behavior. They were willing to risk their bodies and their future when the police assaultes the base and made attempts at eviction.

But as soon as the real have-nots identified with the movement that's where it started to disintegrate. As soon as people without the privilege of better choices started arriving people became uncomfortable. As soon as individuals who identified outside of “acceptable social norms” showed up that's when people began to feel “unsafe” and left.

Luckily most of those with options were able to leave before Sam Adams sent the police with their own demonstrations of violence and vandalism.

The rest of us were left to feel beaten.

So maybe this is more about physical and financial demonstration than catalyzing any sort of measurable political accomplishment.

It totally feels cool to shout in a crowd and march with others. It totally feels cool to make bets on the market and have the excess to donate to causes whose brand I identify with. Some in the community have even commented how the breaking of windows and shows of force Against the state provides some with the very human need of fellowship and togetherness that they may not otherwise be able access.

Doing those things soothes our ego and provides with an immediate perception of control over our immediate environments, but has proven ineffective in developing measurable improvement for those at the fringes of society. It's done a lot to pad the pockets of our police force, who could be demonstrated to have a clear financial benefit if they were discovered in alignment with “activists” or interlopers who coordinate specific violent occurrences at political events.

Regardless of it's execution these demonstrations have an honest foundation in the critical need to make radical changes to our corrupt system of things.

Maybe instead of sending out stormtroopers to take aim at their political opponents we should just let these wookies win and saddle them with the pains of governance for a change.


@meta4 it was always that way. Back in 1969 a demonstration was where you went to pick up chicks. No one cared about the "movement" except Abbie Hoffman and the select few believers. And even they were more about the spectacle than actual change.


Occupy failed because the people crying about the 1% didn't understand that they were part of the 1%. Or, more accurately, the top 0.3% in the world. White privileged kids make a lot of noise but don't actually solve anything. All of the persecuted children crying for their piece of the pie really should've spent a weekend outside of the western hemisphere to see what persecution and poverty look like.