I look at the first winged beast on my arm, the first of the season, and wonder, are you a GMO mosquito, or a normal earth mosquito? Earth day came and went. The hype is up, but somewhere in a lab, a kind-of-smart-but-dumbass thinks, yeah, I can f*ck with some evolution right about now. BAM. Mosquito 2.0, what could possibly go wrong. Either we end up with Mosquito Man, the less cool cousin of Spiderman (hopefully no relative of Moth Man), or a lot of bird and human disease caused by malpractice. Post virus society is already looking well and good, back to the usual shenanigans of sociopathic science messing with stuff. Japan wants to dump Fukushima into the ocean, April is now wildfire season, forever chemicals in the water. Back to our usual worries I guess. F*CK THE EPA. Easily Paid-off ASSHOLES.