The Mayor’s recent requests for Portlanders to surveil their neighbors and further goose-step with the police against fashion choices is one of the most absurd things I’ve heard in years and it’s been a weird fucking couple of years.

How fucking stupid are you Ted?!

The issue with Politicians telling people to do stupid like inject bleach into their bodies, or spy on their neighbors is some people are stupid and afraid of life so much that they’ll follow anyone’s advice to keep themselves from accepting responsibility for their own choices in life, so they end up injecting bleach in to their body or volunteering for the ministry of love.

Do you really want neighbors spying on each other? Do you really want them strategically renting apartments overlooking a seemingly vacant and derelict house that is regularly visited by political figures with a history of celebrating violence and vandalism?

Do you want them investigating political donations and neighborhood connections to the Trump administration’s “European Ambassador” and their mayor’s repeated cowtowing to ICE lawyers?

Do you want them looking closer at taxpayer funded trips to China?

Please come back and join us in the real world Ted, and if you want to unmask something, you are welcome to daylight details of police intelligence operations in collaboration with political figures.

We’re not your stepping stone and you don’t exactly pop on the screen, so how about you try doing your job and making a couple pro-democracy pro-justice moves to create some good will before what happens next.