Whats up with you clumsy, spatially clueless, and simply inconsiderate assholes with your bags walking through the aisle on the bus bumping into us? Some of you are wide physically, and some of you aren't, and you skinny assholes still hit people? Some of your backpacks are fucking massive, sometimes with thermos tucked in a side pocket, and sometimes shoes tied to the backpack walking down the aisle and hitting people. Your fucking shoes? You seriously have no idea what you're doing? How do you not know? Sometimes you do say sorry immediately and casually like you know its a possibility you'll hit us but you do nothing to take precaution and hit us, then say sorry like you already know. Sometimes its just your backpack straps you have flailing around whacking everyone. Sometimes you assholes got your 2 grocery bags with a backpack, sometimes your bags of cans, sometimes your huge duffle with also a backpack hitting everyone in the shoulder. Watch this. The front is for you. You wanna know how many times I've had two canvas bags and a backpack and have hit people? Zero. I promise. Its not that hard. Its just take care, willpower, and respect. But fuck courtesy. Me, from now on, I dont care if I hit you. Sometimes ill do it on purpose. Sometimes even when I try to do it on purpose, I still don't hit you. You know why? Because I'm not an idiot asshole.