where to get a beard trim?



Yes, it's all about you and your beard. smh

Nobody gives a shit about your 'manly' beard. What's manly about acne hidden beneath shitty smelling scruff? What's manly about 12 week old food particles and yeasts growing in the shit on your face (google it)?

Yes, you're so "manly" for not shaving. Because that's the sign of a real man, right? Not shaving? Not doing the basic hygiene and making those around you suffer due to it. Perfect example of 21st century manliness.


heard of the penis envy before
but of the beard this be my 1st

have you a bird living in your beard
'cause I think it just had babies
there's alotta shells cascading
down it and I can see them
poking their little beaks out

that one
just Chirped!

you're a ... father?