Gutter Drops



I don't remember much of those early years, but I do remember the rain.


Always had the opposite effect on me. Leaving my window slightly open in the winter just to hear the pitter patter of the rain drops hitting the metal rain gutters, car covers in the parking lot. Peaceful.


it may not be feasable
but a foam insulation
around & over the pipe
near its bend or where
the drops are Crashing
might muffle it enough...

Good Luck!


Sounds like you might do better to move back to where ever it is you come from if you don't like rain. Bad news, we get a lot of it. Summer doesn't mean no rain, chief. And those drops? They're coming from much higher than 'several stories'. They fall from the sky. Not being mean when I say it sounds like you're not cut out to be here.


I have a big glass-topped table on my deck and when occasional gutter drips hit it it sounds like a fucking gong -- or maybe it's hitting a metal chair up there. in either case in my case (being so Lazy) it's a comfort to know what it is -- a guy's gotta Sleep ffs.


@4 -- no, you're
not being Mean.
you're being


"One more schmuck who couldn't take it."

yeah, you guys are stacking up like
Cordwood in our navigable waters
if it's not too much to ask wouldja
mind terribly Not offing yourself
*till the next time you can Vote
for Biden? Thanks! owe ya 1

I need to take the yacht out...

at least*


Noun. Every time I see your name in the comments I want to name myself 'Verb'. And then we could talk. And it'd be cool.