it started a few weeks ago. the sun was out, high in the sky, a perfect day. I suddenly needed a latte, lite sugar, and I needed it fast. nothing too out of the ordinary. the barista was there, and was taking their time to get to my order...I remembered all of my days in food service, how I used to be a good employee who knew how to hustle politely and efficiently, and a surge suddenly rushed into my jugular. my third eye flashed with a sudden blinding insight of "how to do things because it is your job", blinding my otherwise usual sense of bleeding tolerance and peace. I woke up, phone in hand, and on the other side, the voice of a manager. has age and wisdom done this to me? was I poisoned by one too many bags of dog poop on hiking trails, one too many comments about the failing education system?
guys. I'm scared. who have I aged into? what...have I become? get...get space-!