Gravel Town



If this is your biggest complaint, you are doing okay.

I for one am thankful we have you to keep us focused on the serious problem of
checks notes
dirt in the road.

Sure a dangerous death cult has warped the Libertarian-Socialist fringes of our major political parties in to openingly advocating terrorism as a means to a political end and democracy is decaying at the local level.

But yeah, fuck this dirt in the road, if I can’t eat soup out of potholes, what’s the fucking point?


Meta4, you a miserable binch.

Imagine taking a quality of life issue like our bike lanes being hazardous and disabled people being needlessly challenged by our sidewalks, and then making it about your pet political obsession.

You need to calm tf down and stop being a horrible person.


Interesting first comment Tedders.

I hope you’re doing okay too.

The thing with ad hominem attacks is sometimes they reveal more about what we think of ourselves than what we think about the other person.

Sure, the gravel may be a problem, but I have faith in Hardesty’s ability to manage PBOT.

I know I’m not alone in my concern about the violence and terrorism being openly advocated for in our city, so it’s not exactly a pet project.

I know I’m not a horrible person, and I have no reason to believe you are a horrible person either.

Feel better soon.


Gravel really brings out the worst in all of us.


gravel rocks.