I’m fucking exhausted by all this bullshit.

I’m tired of the constant lies.

Trump didn’t win the election.
Antifa isn’t a real.
The war has come to Ba Sing Se.

Anyone who tells you different is trying to sell you something.

They are not even decent lies anymore, it’s just a steady stream of increasingly absurd bullshit constantly output to seemingly measure how much control these liars have over their followers.

It’s hard to remember how blue the sky is when all you see is grey.

It’s inevitable that at some point some narcissistic egomaniac in the near future we will arrive at the complaint that the CIA and the FBI somehow entrapped local activists into violating federal laws in collaboration with anarchists and members of the Police Union who are open about their unprofessional connections to white supremacist terrorists.

Yeah… cool story bro, but I fully expect even more in incredibly ridiculous things to be said.

Are those cattle mutilations even real?

How about instead of engaging in these political “leaders” narcissistic delusions we clean house and set a new table for everyone?