I got some good news today.

They won't tell me who did it, but the people looking into things now say they have confirmed who all was involved in dosing me last year.

I feel a lot of things about this.

I don't enjoy being reminded of those events, its always a bit painful to think about being in such a vulnerable state. But that's not exactly a choice I have anymore, this is part of my life now and for better or worse I need to find a way to cope with being reminded over and over again about this for the next couple years.

I'm not excited about The State being involved, I honestly I wish I could just dose them back, punch them in the face and call it even, but I was told that's not how things work in a civil society.

I'm also a bit delighted, as more and more of the "WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK WAS THAT" becomes uncovered, it's nice to feel like my efforts were in someway validated.

at the moment, I'm begrudgingly content with not knowing who did the deed, it's wise not to give us that information.

I wonder if its the same people who spiked that city official's drink around the sometime last year? Considering all the other goings-on else it'd be a very curious coincidence to be unrelated.

Is this too personal of a rant? I would have just written a poem about my ass zits, but someone else beat me to it.

The early bird certainly gets the word on that one.

May God's love be with you.