Haters gonna hate, cats gonna hunt. Go fuck yourself.


Thanks for the reminder to talk to my cat about the hunting. I speak to him every week and he continues to hunt. I'd keep your kids inside as the cat is seeking bigger game.


Another entitled mombie. Mind your own business, and I didn't miss the walking by with cocktails jab either.


Here's the thing, though: cats are predators, and the bird population is declining. They also prey on bats, also declining in population. I have to clean up after my dogs when they poop in others' yards. I also have to clean up after my neighbors' cats when they poop in mine, which is irksome. Further, indoor cats typically live longer. OP has some valid points, but I'm not sure why procreation and cocktails come into it.


House cats kill 2.4 billion birds every year, put a god dam bell on those murder machines. Don't even try and argue that your pedicured house pet needs to hunt because they fucking don't.


perhaps they were merely
sizing up your chirrens
whilst cocktailing.

I'd keep a very
Very Close
Eye on

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