The shit us humans are expected to deal with day and day out is overwhelming to all but the most upper of classes these days.

You’d think we’d find a way to leverage that common struggle to unite ourselves against our collective oppressors. But that’s hard.

It’s a lot easier to blame and poke at those closer to us, who reflect more of ourselves back at us.

I know your not responsible for the family you were born into. I know you personally didn’t pillage the land away from its inhabitants.

But I can’t help but see that you are still reaping the benefits of past cycles of abuse while criticizing our actions from the sidelines.

We need to find a way for all of us to break from the past and create a more positive way of empowering each other. We each bare a different part of that responsibility, but it’s those with privilege and those who have benefitted the most from the oppressive status quo who need to be taking bigger and bolder action to free us from this groundhog’s day loop of a government inaccessible to those most in need of it and a culture built off “who you know” and how well you can manipulate others.

Sure, I could use gentler words and be kinder to those I’m trying to convert to our cause. But who if anyone reading those can honestly say things are hunky dory and feign ignorance about the need to radical systemic change to preserve our commitment to democracy and keep us in step with the peoples of the globe.

I don’t care who you are, we wouldn’t still be here if you did enough to change things.