..like ninety seconds ago. Luckily the snipers didn't get me. It's true what that comedian (I forget their name) said about how terrifying it is to go to sleep. One minute you're comfy, all warm in safe in your bed, the next? BOOM!! You're being chased through your childhood home by men with guns. I guess watching that Professional movie reaction with Natalie Portman before bed didn't help. I managed to escape out a side window as they were closing in. I had to wade through a river (stream?) in my back woods while trying to keep my rifle from getting wet. I got spotted by one of their snipers as I approached a hill which I had no choice but to climb. Their sniper started firing at me. I fired back. I was just a little girl with not much training, which really pissed me off, so after missing him with several shots I figured I'd never hit him and decided to make a break for it over the hill. His shots putted against the ground as the bullets just missed me. I made it over the hill just in time to see a MAX Blue Line arriving. I darted in like a bat out of hell and I was out of there! And then I woke up. And anyway, so it's true what they said. Going to sleep is scary.