I, Anonymous May 18, 2021 at 2:34 pm



Until the people who vote Republicans into power realize that deciding to put people into power that use our tax dollars to supplement big business by covering with food stamps, rent, and health care the full time workers of McJobs Inc - those corporations will continue to pocket the money they deny their employees.



howdja think the
Walton Fambly* got
to be thee Richest fambly
in America? they Socialized
their Employees's Costs -- to
the Citizenry! how's That for a
Brilliant Business Plan? we've come
so very Far from when that olde Fascist
Henry Ford paid HIS Employees a Livable

Wage. if you're not part of the Point O! One
Percenters KKKlub -- what fucking Good are ya?

shut tf up and get
tf Back to WORK.

*welkomen to Walmart


Admittedly, I do struggle with the concept of a dishwasher getting paid $15/hr unless they're working at a very high end restaurant. However, Republicans have proven there's really no bottom to their "platform," if you can really it a platform.

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