...As I was sayin’,
Powell’s didn’t quit Amazon, Amazon quit Powell’s because of poor fill rates & incompetence & ineptitude. Spin it as you wish on your marquee, but face is face.
Just like how you shined all the University presses, independent publishers, & self published (mainly local) authors in favor of the Hachettes, Penguin/Random Houses, etc..whose bestsellers are prominently featured in each of your rooms. The Plebes lap it up, praising the good fight you allegedly fight for independent book selling, but those who know, know.
So, that godsend Covid couldn’t have come at a more opportune time. Permanently shuttered a couple of underperforming outlets, shut the rest for a while, laying off your staff, & get some good old Deloitte style risk manager in there to figure it out.
Wait a year, work the toothless union into submission, trim some fat & old, overpaid dead weight & start afresh with a spry young underpaid, under compensated workforce that will rank right up with Borders Books.
Oh, but offer laid off workers their old jobs back if they’re willing to “apply” for them, albeit at most likely a reduced wage, slashed earned leave, & a 90 day trial period. Nothing odd about that..
A noble local institution indeed. Disgruntled. Most indeed. Perhaps Nike is hiring.