The chances of you finding this are as equivalent to…something poetically witty that I can’t craft right now. Just a note: writing this for the entire internet to see and really, specifically, to an anonymous human is quite challenging.

I must confess that I’ve thought about you for the past 6 days at varying levels of intrigue. I know 3, maybe 4 things about you:
1. Where you were for a period of time on Sunday evening.
2. Your name.
3. And you’re bold enough to drop your number by my arm like it’s my tab (yes, I said “thank you” like an idiot) and bolt.
4. You may have ordered a Hamm’s right after I did… (Fact? Fiction?)
Regarding fact 3-let’s be honest, did you run or are you a super fast walker? You are an unfortunate blur.

I guess you could say I know one other thing-your number didn’t work. I know this because I tried it; I wanted you to know that while I appreciate the number drop, I can’t be your “friend”. I’m actually married and I feel really guilty that I wasn’t wearing my ring. And the icing of the situation: my wife is about to pop with our baby.

So, considering you know what I look like and really what I know gets me no where, I didn’t want to unknowingly cross paths and for you to think I was just another asshole. Perhaps that’s selfish. I just know that I would rather know if the situation was reversed.

Sorry either way. Just tell me I owe you a Hamm’s if you ever see me for my deception.