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So you're married and about to have a baby. You went out to a bar without your wedding ring. A lady gave you her phone number. You try it. It was fake. You thought about the lady for several days afterwards, as she sparked "intrigue." Then, you took the time to write her a letter on IA... just to tell her that you are married and about to have a baby.

I wonder what your wife thinks of this. You should show her this brilliant missive that you've published, I'm sure she'd love it.


Yeah this is a train wreck in the making. Your wife is “about to pop” (lovely). You’re freaked out for all the mundane reasons we all freak out before our babies are born. This is going to be a challenging time for you two. Even if you were dying to have a child, there will be so many times you want to escape from the (sweet) new drudgery of life with a baby. You’re probably going to be having less sex for a while. The VERY LAST thing you need is to have a little excitement to escape to. A friendly, flirty text here & there. Maybe grabbing a quick Hamms together when you get a break. Just as friends of course. You can stop if it crosses a line, right? No.

This road leads to destruction. Lean hard into your relationship with your wife. If things are tough, lean on your friends to take you out & get you drunk once in a while & make sure your wife gets to go out a little more than you do. And for god’s sake stay the fuck away from that bar and Amber. Amber, do not search for him to redeem that beer. It would only lead to misery for all.


Stupidest Amber Alert ever!!!


you get yourself a Good Lawyer
you might even be able to see your kid
whilst you make those Exorbitant child support
Payments I, A. don't it just about Always seem to go
ya don't even Know what you got till it's all l o n g gone...



Ya nailed it Frannie. Thumbs up!

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