So, I am all on board for infrastructure upgrades and improvements with the good paying jobs they create, but I'm wondering if widening I-5 makes any sense at all. The reason interstate highways are as wide as they are is to make them safe for vehicles driven by emotional, distracted, and let's face it not very good human drivers. Maybe it would make better sense to keep the width we have, make the bridges sound and earthquake proof, and get the road ready for the automated driving which will soon be here.
Oh, and while we are talking about infrastructure, should we really be subsidizing our most planet destructive mode of transportation, I know we all love PDX but maybe it's time for air transportation to cover it's own costs.
I'm all in for making things better, but maybe we should be doing a little deeper thinking on how we are going to spend money we are borrowing, so it's an investment that yields a solid return.