These are always the saddest looking protests. XR has a lot of naïve but well intentioned people in it. It's too bad they have to use fear of an impending environmental emergency to push their objective rather than establishing a realistic goals that can be attained, like helping enable the growing electric vehicle infrastructure. If you really want to "rebel" you should go completely off grid, reject any kind of technology that's supported by anything post industrial revolution. Let's go back to living an agrarian lifestyle, plowing the fields with ox and long distance communication via pony express. Say goodbye to your small businesses' $10 artisanal bread loaves unless you can grow your own wheat. After the subsequent population crash the remaining few will have to procreate 20 or so children just to keep the family farm productive. Meanwhile we'll be serfs to groups like the CCP who will take advantage of the situation. But I digress. That is all. Over and out.