This is my stupidly simple answer to the houselessness pandemic. Why don't we initiate a plan where people take turns residing in residences (apartments, condos, single family homes)? Participants can finally get the human right to shelter under a well maintained roof for a time frame based on qualifying factors such as age, gender, and historical injustices. The units will be kept simple and economically sustainable, located in convenient areas (near food sources and social services), and will foster an extended family-like atmosphere with members who share the space. Electricity can be generated via solar and wind power. Individual incomes will be earned through a work program specifically tied to the home structure, such as mowing the lawn, or in some cases neighborhood civic duties, i.e. volunteer fire fighting. When members "check out" at the end of their cycle, rather than going back onto the street they will we offered the chance to rent a room out from one of the places, paying a subsidized rent fee with the money saved from city programs that will be no longer needed...Say goodbye to the heartless sweeps. The buildings will not just be places to "chill out" in. They will be places where honing one's skill sets can be undertaken, whether it's gardening, cooking, coding, or any type of creating you can imagine. I don't see any other proposal taking flight in the near future which hasn't already proved to be a fruitless endeavor somewhere. This idea of mine is the best low risk/high reward idea that we have on the table. You can shoot it down but do you have a better idea? I'm talking to you, Mayor Wheeler.