Nazis are for punching
they never are your friends
they never can be trusted
they never make amends

Nazis are quite different
from kind folks, like you and I
Where we prefer democracy
they prefer the lie

Nazi does not mean socialist
Though some comparisons aren't unfair
Not all Republicans know they are Nazis
Some think they just work there

Nazis may be some former friends
before we knew their leanings
to them we say best make your way
if you catch our meanings

Some Nazis are our neighbors
even if it seems a shock
we confront them and make it clear

Some Nazis are in our workplace
employing camouflage
confirmation is an important step
as is sabotage

Some Nazis work in law enforcement
Some just run the place
Those are the ones who most of all
deserve a firm punch in the face

Some Nazis say they hate the right
Some pledge anarchy
Some protest far away wars
for they want one here you see

Not everyone's a fighter
Harming others is always cruel
But Nazis are the exception
that always proves the rule

Punching Nazis costs no dimes
and brings communities such pleasure
but its not violence we celebrate
its the democratic measure

Nazis choose violence and fear
as how they communicate
they believe in strength through force
and the development of hate

Those aren't the terms we would have chose
to conduct civil discussions
but since we fear no form of debate
We can at least provide concussions

For Nazis are all morons
not known for concentration
and when they provide a time and place
we provide an education

Because while Nazis posture
they are not a thing to fear
Hey Look at that one walking by
Excuse me, hold my beer