This is probably the most hateful thing I've read on I, anonymous. I'm surprised the Merc posted this.

You don't like someone who's a bird watcher, so all bird watchers are as you describe? I'm not a birder, but you can still kiss my ass. People like you posting this kind of crap makes me want to be a birder.

Please, sit in your bedroom smoking weed and jerking off. Everyone else is trying to do something. Maybe take your fragile ego and shove it where the birds don't go but I'm betting the hamsters do.


Hi, Amy Cooper.


When your bird is broken
Will it bring you down?
You may be awoken
I'll be 'round


Iā€™m a birder and Iā€™m none of those things. What a sad life you must have. Birders?


As a birder, I confess that nothing gives me more joy than pissing off you and yours. Honk Honk !!! Birder coming through.


Put a bird on it.


I've got a bird for you.


I also have bird 4 u CR.

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