I had a bunch if garbage in my hand walking down Hawthorne. Someone had just started shit with me and although I walked away to avoid a confrontation I was pissed off about it. As my rage reached a crescendo I happened to notice a fence around a small business to keep the homeless out which really pissed me off even more so I decided to chuck my garbage over the fence at it. Stupid and wrong I know. I apologize. However, also worth mentioning: I had a change of heart mid throw. I suddenly spotted a trash can located way back and over the fence. An absolutely impossible shot from where I was standing, but I decided to redirect my aim towards it as I released my trash. To my amazement it went in perfectly almost as if directed by an invisible force. No one saw it, but it was truly bizarre... Anyways, I won't do that again. But thanks to whatever Supreme Being helped me make the shot.