I’m tired of all the whining and negativity infesting Portland.

Our Mayor has done a lot, and it’s past time he get credit for all he’s done for us.

Take a look at his community clean ups, there are plenty of photos and videos of the Mayor physical cleaning up the trash and litter of the city. Granted that’s not what he was hired to do, but it makes him feel good and that’s what important right?

He also devotes his free time to privately connecting with constituents and entities committed to some version pf Portland’s future. He even has a separate phone number and email address just for talking with constituents who happened to donate to campaign. Now that’s commitment.

He also regular clear his whole schedule of city business to barter away Portland’s real estate to his donors and devotes staff resources to his friends ineffective bandaids on homelessness.

And despite all of his vacations he still manages to ignore his mental health for the sake of the city.

Give Ted Wheeler a break, he’s doing what his Gym buddies tell him to do.

What else do you expect from him?