Give Ted Wheeler A Breakdown



Sam and Ted's Most Excellent Grab-n-Go. The golden honey pots of political consulting await these brave warriors!


Fun fact: Public corruption is really a federal issues, even if the events happen locally.


Theodore Tevis Wheeler is a big ole whiny piss-baby.


Ted doesn't get that he actually lost the election. Unfortunately the opposition vote was split by people writing in a candidate who didn't even want to run. Still, he got the least amount of votes total. The winner of that election was Anyone Other Than Ted, unfortunately voters saw 2 when there was really only 1.


That’s what tends to happen when you run your campaign as an alternative or “the opposition” instead of a solution.

It’s not much of a choice between the dude who’s career was catalyzed by Trump’s “ambassador to Europe” and a person who has no ethical hang ups about helping Charlie Hales’ wife cheat at a pie contest. (Not to mention both campaigns’ have very direct connections to malign actors propagating foreign disinformation about Portland and other matters. .)

Both campaigns were failures too full of narcissism, hate, animus, and corrupt intent to put forth a positive message for voters so Two-face Ted won thanks to the incumbent’s advantage.

Sure his challenger paid off the right people and used “woke language” but any examination of her life beyond the surface revealed some serious moral, ethical, and competency flaws (which is not exactly an alternative to Wheeler).

It’s not an antifa ideal to collaborate with the mayor’s campaign and his fascist police bureaucracy to abuse and attempt to silence people saying things you may not personally enjoy, a lot of people saw that happened. (Yes, a fair bit of the political class is still in denial about all that, but that tree is prime for some shaking and sooner than you’d expect.)

If Portland is willing to put in the work, we might have a decent candidate down the line, but I think we need to clean house first and stop reinforcing the political status quo, that only benefits the elite and their minders.

Raiford’s campaign was actively sabotaged by specific individuals with the express intent delegitimizing a candidate for color. She was identified as a threat to a specific agenda. There may even be texts and recorded phone calls among other campaigns’ staff that could come out as soon as this autumn.

Rukaiyah is smart, caring and calculating enough to know she’ll get more done and have a firmer political future if she avoids wrestling with pigs who may be under investigation.

You all still have some time the figure things out, I’ll just sit back and enjoy the show.