Earlier this spring, walking home from work, around 5:15pm, I saw an elderly (late 60s?) man cuffed and on the sidewalk in front of Plaid Pantry at E. Burnside and Grand. Four or five cops were hovering over him, and the man was obviously gacked, drunk, or whatever. I don't know what precipitated the bust, but given the use of police force involved, it had to be pretty monumental, although I didn't see anything going on inside Plaid Pantry or nearby. Five squad cars were already on the scene, blocking off Burnside — so traffic was piling up fast. And TWO MORE squad cars joined in the fray, for a total of SEVEN cop cars. A crowd of onlookers was growing nearby, and many of them were expressing shock and anger over the disproportionate use of force, along the lines of, "Look at this. They all want in on the bust. Like sharks smelling blood " It was a shit show and "bad optics" for the PPB, to say the least. I think of this whenever I hear Portland Police claim overtime costs during COVID and unrest caused their budget woes. Yesterday morning, waiting for a bus in Old Town, I counted four squad cars circling the area, some loud-speakering to some of the wandering sidewalk dwellers to "Get off the streets " Sigh. Some cops are leaving the PPB because they don't "like how they're being treated." The fuh you say?