New across the street neighbor moved in about 4 months ago, I met them when they banged on my door and asked me to put out the fire that was blazing from the front of their car. After the fire, they rolled the burnt out car in front of my house.

Two days later, a mangled husk of a travel trailer parked in the last bit of space left in front of my house. The neighbor told me that it was theirs and that they would be restoring it along with the car. I offered to help move them to the street in front of their house or into their 3 car wide driveway and I was told the landlord won't them keep the vehicles on the property or in front of it.

1 month ago they moved out and left a note saying they would be back for the vehicles, they stop by here and there to check on them. It has been 4 months! What do I do? Be an ass and tow them or be pandemic patient?