1) Avoid nuance. Your job is to tell people what to think and not what to consider. Everything is either good or bad; there is no room for middle ground. Do not present any information that would conflict with the status quo of reinforcing conflict. Peace is never an option.

2) Limit the number of issues and individuals you cover. You may think that writing a story each week allows you to introduce a diverse set of voices and viewpoints to the Portland Public. Don't. Stick to only talking to the same people on the same subjects forever, Preferably those who can help you reciprocally promote your content. If for some reason, you feel those subjects have serious moral or ethical flaws, you are wrong. Stop feeling.

3) Twitter is God. You will only present items that will please Twitter. You will never show anyone with thousand of followers who regularly retweets you in a negative light. If the Twitterati denies you "organic" promotion of your content, you may soon find yourself out of a job.

4) Stick to the script. The Portland public is stupid and unable to comprehend even the slightest variation to preconceived ideas about events and individuals. If they voted for Bernie, support the Blazers, and have some type of employment in a "social justice" org. They are totally allowed to advocate for political violence and intimidation against those who disagree with them. Suppose someone attended a protest you covered and you were both subjected to the same traumatic events. In that case, you are no longer allowed to disagree with them on any subject.

5) Don't ask questions. Just Don't. If you feel the urge to ask questions, stop yourself and see what the most popular tweet on the subject is; that's your opinion now.