We are still in a very difficult moment.

Over the past decade communities' relationships to what were once sacred democratic values has been eroded by bad faith actors across the political spectrum, leveraging our trauma, our hopes, and our sense of civic order to dismantle local democracies with the goal of solidifying their profitable way of life.

In our attempt to right the wrongs of a corrupt system, we compromised our ethics and values, leading to a significant backslide of democracy in Portland.

Look at what's happened:

We've become less collaborative and more authoritarian.

We've miseducated and radicalized our use with the hopes of a "promisory coup."

We have failed to hold ourselves and our leaders accountable to democratic values.

We've normalized political violence.

We've normalized bribery, payola, and corruption in our community organizations.

We've encouraged Portlanders to reject the outcome of a free and fair election.

We've dehumanized our civil servants.

We've encouraged organizations to participate in strategic harassment.

We've leveraged community trauma for political posturing.

We've normalized the capitalization of community actions and empowered the crony class.

We've normalized the drama of legislative gridlock.

We've eroded the values of freedom of speech and freedom of the press in exchange for the ability to imprison and harass those we disagree with.

We've shifted political power away from the people and into an invisible bureaucracy controlled by corrupted interests.

We've weaponized the courts to launder disinformation against those taking on corruption.

We've fully embraced foreign and corrupt interference in our local political processes.

Even so-called "leftist" activists are weaponizing their contacts with the Police Dept and DA as "informants" to satisfy petty scores or "take out" those they feel are a threat to their power within organizations.

But on the brightside, we did get some t-shirts along the way.