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These are some pretty clear references to the DSA Chair, who uses the name Olivia Katbi-Smith. She's been a known collaborator with Portland Police Intelligence for years, just like Patriot Prayer and Proud Boys. The Portland Police have been milking political violence for overtime for years, all while the DSA make sure it gets covered by the likes of Sputnik, RT(Russia Today), Redfish, Ruptly... you get the idea...

Never the smartest, kindest, or most community oriented comrad in the room, She's also known for coordinating outburst of hissings at Council Sessions in an attempt to intimidate victims of violence testifying before the council.

Not the biggest advocate for human rights, I doubt she would even know who Alexei Navalny is. She's too invested in maintaining her control over the DSA, reinforcing the status quo of political violence, and recruiting and radicalizing those in our community who have experienced trauma to ever actually achieve a measurable benefit to our community on behalf of others.

Fun Fact: The DSA has also a pretty big violator of Oregon Campaign Finance regulation for years, maybe federally as well...


I went home with the waitress the way I always do


I didn't realize Olivia Katbi-Smith was holding Alexei Navalny hostage.

I guess when all you've got is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

Or, less sarcastically, it's not always about you.


@Beatrix has a solid point @democracyorbust.

But also, let’s not be so quick to dismiss such serious and valid concerns about the state of our local democracy. Which I think is more about the Police actively coordinating out-of-state interlopers like proud boys and patriot prayer to engage in “mutual combat” against Portland residents they had sworn to protect and serve. Im still shocked that our dud of a DA has refused to investigate that weaponizarion of city resources against those who disagree with the Portland Police Union.

I can’t speak to the accuracy of the above comments which feel is off topic as the headline but the trends mentioned in the post itself a real and quite disturbing. It would have been helpful for the writer to tell us who Navalny is, why he needs to be freed, and what the fuck it has to do with these events going on in Portland, if anything. Portlanders have a lot going on, you can’t just expect them to know who people like Alexei (Alexsky?) Navalny, Vladislav Surkov, Anna Chapman, Oleg Saranchuk, Igor Kostyukov, Valdez Bravo, Yevgeny Prigozhin or others are if you don’t explain the relevance of the name to their life.

I’ve never met the person mentioned in the comment above but without supporting evidence for those claims I’d be incline to give people the benefit of the doubt and I expect things may be closer to hanlon’s razor than spy vs spy.
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Besides what would everything look like if all somebody has is a hammer AND a sickle?


We got a long way to go and a short time to get there.


I agree entirely with @Beatrix.

It's ridiculous to try to pin this all on the individual responsible for the governance of the DSA and, ultimately, its "libertarian-socialist" caucus, which is basically a front for those who wish to engage in destructive anarchy. (Which is something much different from constructive chaos). The DSA is as corruptible as any other organization; just look at their financials. They said they are just a branch of the national chapter, but it is really all a shell game (though it also could be incompetence and fiduciary malpractice).

People need to know who they are working with. I'd also recommend you take a look at the likes of Gregory Mckelvey, who is also a documented Portland Police informant, and was elected as something in the Atlanta DSA after he moved their using money that was donated to Portland Resistance to repair businesses affected by the violence he encouraged (those same businesses keep getting damaged too).

Don't lump everyone who actually believes in the values of the DSA with them. When the tactics of lies, intimidation, threats of violence, and corruption, it can be challenging for inexperienced individuals to identify the inherent problems with their leadership and speak up against their cult-like control of the Portland chapter.

Mckelvey is a sell-out whose true colors are on full display. He tried to take credit for Antifa's actions, and while we allowed it, that's not going to work out for him in the long run.

These people are just psychopaths addicted to causing drama and view portland as their personal playground. Sure, Mckelvey at one point had some credibility, but that was squandered years ago when he started working with Police Intelligence against his fellow Portlanders.

They'll always have their little cult of followers who will believe everything they say and never actually question them. I don't think that's healthy for anybody.

People are already taking notice and recognizing these individuals for the imposters and frauds they really are. I feel bad for their families and kids, but everybody makes their own choices.

I can't imagine they can keep this stuff up much longer before the big reveal comes along.

I'll bet you $15 Mckelvey will end up on Tucker Carlson ranting absurd conspiracy theories if he doesn't end up in prison.

But I won't bet that any of them will speak out against the treatment of Alexei Navalny, that's not aligned with their values or "interests."

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