A large majority of Portland voters approve an independent citizen oversight body to review allegations of police abuse. The police union promises to fight it in the courts.
A PPB officer is indicted for his brutal clubbing of a photojournalist. The police union called the clubbing justified, and rapid response cops resign the team en masse to protest one of their brothers being held accountable.
The PPB gun violence unit, shut down due to gross racial profiling is reinstated with a new acronym, but largely unchanged.
PPB is out of compliance with USDOJ requirements viz. use of force.
We still don't know who inside PPB (PPA?) set up Commissioner Hardesty in a false hit-and-run rap.
When the good-old-boy system of gun-wielding bullies is threatened, the bullies fight back with everything they've got, including reneging on their sworn duty to protect and serve, while circling the loyalty wagons around bad cops. The result? Portland held hostage by PPB on one side and opportunistic criminals on the other.
Tired of people complaining about PPB? Then grow a civic conscience and demand police reform.