I heartily agree with the last rant—I thought I'd written it myself and just forgot, it was that good—and wish to add that Ted needs to watch the video of a young woman being twice bashed hard with a club by a burly cop, the second time when she's sitting down. Would he like that to happen to his daughter? I suppose she'd never be at a protest, huh? Hasn't read her John Locke? Anyway, Ted feels for the cops and seems to be saying that when y'all get all stressed out, y'all just naturally get violent. Hey, isn't that what a lot of citizens are in jail and prison for? Getting stressed and taking it out on some innocent other? When you become a peace officer you do not get the extra added benefit of acting out when you feel excited, fearful or shaky. You don't get to use your "tools" to egregiously harm your fellow citizens. You don't get to keep your job and all the benefits, but quit part of the job to pressure your city to NOT hold you accountable. If it means taking to the streets to AGAIN peacefully point out that the city employs the cops, the cops don't run the city, then I hope the Wall of Moms and the Dads With Leafblowers are ready for action. I'm ready to exercise my civil rights (flaunt 'em if you've still got 'em) and tell the PPB—hey, if you don't like the American justice system, maybe you'd prefer Putin's Russia, where apparently it's always open season on people who don't agree with the government.