I'm the original writer of the EARLIER post title "FREE ALEXEI NAVALNY"

Thank you for your comments and engagement, but I didn't have any particular person in mind when listing the dangerous signs that Portland is seriously at risk of losing its democratic values.

While some of the individuals listed may have COMMITTED some serious offenses counter to the values of democracy, pointing FINGERS all over the place is more likely to poke our EYES out than solve the issue.

If you FEEL an individual or organization is a THREAT to our democracy, your JOB is to supportively ENGAGE them, make sure they actively INCLUDED in our democracy, and help EMPOWER our community to take on the issues important to them.

Stop HIDING behind hate and vitriol, ROLL UP your sleeves and get back to the courageous hard work of building something cool with your neighbors.

We need structural change not conditional slogans.

You are ALLOWED to stop shouting in your ECHO chambers. Use your courage to let your voices known BEYOND your bubble. CHALLENGE your own assumptions.

Do you think the police are a violent, hateful and extremist organization of racketeers? Don't just tweet that out to the circle-jerk that is twitter, REACH OUT to Chief Chuck Lovell's office and schedule a time to sit down and give him a piece of your mind.

Do you think our Mayor is a feckless tool of corrupt interest? Don't harass his family, but actually CONTACT his office and schedule a time to sit down with the jackass and talk it out.

Do you think some activists are only in it to "build their brand" and make money off the blood and sweat of community demonstrations? SHOW YOUR CARDS and say something.

Let's get to work. Everyone is welcome, especially assholes.