The PPA is none of that. The PPA is one thing: The police guild. A union. They are not a community group. They do not serve or protect Portland. They exist to serve and protect their union members, aka PPB.


More or less what they said, but don’t lump the PPA in with other unions. Unions built this country, and the PPA isn’t behaving as a union.

They are basically running what’s called “protection racketeering.”

PPA is a corrupt organization whose primary function is to create measurable benefits for their members by extorting Portland through the direct and indirect threats of harm and violence.

Essentially all they say is, “nice city you have here, it’s be a shame if something were to happen to it, perhaps we could come to some sort of arrangement…”

They may be a union in name, but they’re normal functions are DEFINITIVELY the same as a mafia. Let’s just call them a stupid mafia.

This is would be reinforced if some how they were caught coordinating public violence, forging public records, engaging in public fraud, accepting favors/bribes for “official” actions, intimidating public officials, misusing public resources for private benefit, repeatedly leaking sensitive and confidential Police information for private gain… you get the idea.

No es un delito calmo mi apetito


No, I think I will lump PPA and all other unions together. Because, they're unions. Unions all have the same goal, regardless of the profession: To protect their members. None of them are looking out for a non-union member. They will happily let you think that they've helped you too (because at the end of the day that benefits them -- see, you're defending them already), but any benefit a non-member reaps is purely accidental or coincidental.

You may like what Union A is doing and dislike what Union B is doing, but that's solely your biased, emotional view. Both Unions A and B are just looking after their own best interests and protecting their members.

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