Long over-due thanks to: The beautiful, skilled, compassionate, often under-paid individuals who commit their work and lives to helping Portlanders navigate the nightmares of addiction, homelessness, hunger, poverty, ignorance, domestic and elder abuse, fraud, immobility, mental illness, race and gender bias, queerphobia, HIV and disability discrimination, and all forms of incarceration and criminal injustice. Goddess bless you all for doing what you do, without guns, gas, batons, and helmets. You risk your well-being and safety each day to help Portland thrive (weirdly). Partial list: Central City Concern, Sisters of the Road, DHS, Street Roots, CAP, Urban League, NAACP, ACLU, Transition Projects, TriMet, Multco Health, Quest and Q Centers, Miracles Club, Native and Asian Pacific groups, volunteer litter and graffiti patrols, truth-seeking journalists, aging hippies, young social justice radicals, and countless churchpeople. You ARE LOVED!