No wonder many white or non-poc identified people are terrified of the populace becoming educated on real history, real lives, reality in other words. Pulling on the thread of racism is going to unravel the fabric of delusion, feel-goodism, false patriotism (my country right or wrong), and sheer ignorance of the facts that everyone else who isn't white knows because they experienced them or their ancestors experienced them. Whoever is covering themselves with this garment of mendacity—the people who go around saying "we—meaning well-off whites—built this nation(no, slaves and immigrants built it)," or "I'm proud my people were settlers (land-grabbing opportunists profiting off someone else's destruction)," or "great white men were our founders(not exactly, since B. Franklin copied the Indian form of gov't)." I'm not going to prop up my self-esteem with lies anymore. I know that my ancestors worked hard, but they had enormous benefits and opportunities by virtue of being white. It's time for the nation to allow the tissue of lies, propaganda and defensiveness to go, to be unravelled. We are all going to build back stronger without all the b.s. Have the courage to confront the truths about America and then you'll be "a real American."