Right. Only white people feel that way. That's not a racist or ignorant post at all.


I just want you to hurt like I do
Honest I do, honest I do, honest I do


Race is a human invention. It is meaningless. All humans are humans and the differences that exist within the spectrum of human beings are infinitesimal.

White supremacy is a lie ~ an ideology created to justify violence against other human beings ~ an ideology used to make one group of people feel better about themselves so they could pretend everything they did to other people was okay. White supremacy is terrorism. It is ideology used to create and enforce policy used to dehumanize and discriminate in order to ensure that some people get everything and everyone else gets as little as possible. White supremacy is terrorism used to perpetuate lies and fantasies people want to tell themselves about who they are and who other people so they can feel good about themselves and not have to face fact.

It is absurd to deny fact. Denying fact does not make fact cease to exist.

People came to this country and slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Native Americans living here and told the world they discovered (what they would call America).

People bought and stole Black people from Africa and brought them to this country and enslaved them - using them to do all of the labor required to build the country and its wealth.

People (some people that is) eventually decided slavery was unsavory so they fought a war and slavery was made illegal (except under circumstances where it wasn't) and enslaved people were freed (except where they weren't).

People were angry they couldn't enslave other people anymore so they got paid out by the government for their "loss."

People were angry that people formerly enslaved were going to be able to have what they had so they made a bunch of rules making sure the formerly enslaved people would never be able to have what they had.

People were angry that they were not able to have what they believed they were going to be able to have after no longer being enslaved so they fought back in many different ways from creating their own communities (destroyed by the people who formerly enslaved them because they were angry that formerly enslaved people had the gall to create successful, profitable, thriving communities) to fighting back against the policies put in place and forcing them to be changed, despite being threatened, beaten, and murdered while doing so.

Every step forward people have made to create equity in this country and to dismantle and destroy white supremacy (ideology and policy) had been met with vicious violence and backlash. And this is how it will be until white supremacy and all of its ideology and policy and violence have been dismantled and destroyed. The entire premise on which this country was built and has continued to sustain itself for hundreds of years must be obliterated.

Whether racist white people want to acknowledge fact or not is irrelevant. There will come a time when white people are no longer the majority in this country. There will come a time when white people are no longer the people who hold the power in this country.

Racist white people are terrified that when that time comes they are going to experience all of the violence and dehumanization they have spent centuries unleashing on others in the name of white supremacy.

Given all that has been done to all other people in the name of white supremacy, I say it would be fair play. All racist white people who believe in white supremacy deserve whatever happens to them.


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