I, Anonymous Jun 28, 2021 at 8:57 am



Dehumanization is dangerous.


I’ll bet you’re a hoot at parties. I’ll go across the street and tell the 80 year old couple that you said they don’t deserve to live. BRB…


Ultimately the OP is correct. The A/C units that are running overtime do indeed increase the need for A/C in the future. Our ability to cool ourselves while increasing the need to cool ourselves is in fact a self defeating spiral.

While we must do what is necessary for out individual survival, when the system collapses the environment will be a lot less friendly. Will the system collapse? As it currently exists, absolutely - free market solutions don't work, and won't fix this. As the current heat wave proves we'll all soon be in the same sweathouse with Texas - miserable and without electricity.


fewer, too


Anytime you label or call names, you're dehumanizing the target. Is that a party to you? How many times did you just dehumanize people you disagree with in that one post? You may be a hoot at parties, but you're really a hoot with the Nazi party.

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