What a desperate failure of a Mayor. It's inconceivable that he should be limited to the democratic function of his role. The huge sweeping bureaucracy that is the City of Portland is his responsibility and his responsibility alone.

Glory to the Sin Eaters!

Forget the fact that he is a glorified council member who's only institutional difference from Rubio, Hardesty, Mapps, and Ryan is his ability to assign bureau assignments. Let's hold him responsible for every ill and disappointing act that occurs. Certainly who's ever in charge of fire and rescue services shouldn't be held accountable for any failures of Portlanders' to receive services provided by that bureau.

It's important that our arguments be passionate than be accurate.

Let's trash Hardesty and the other council members reputation by proxy by making his recall campaign a referendum on the city's leadership. That should make it super easy for her to run for mayor or congress.

In fact let's start a gang to cause civic disturbances and amplify the level of violence and destruction in our city. We can call it the "we are not criminals because it says so in the name" gang. We'll make so much money off t-shirts, merch, and we'll can hire political insiders to trash our city in the news and undermine our democratic choices.

Because hey, it beats actually working together in the interest of everyone right? Let's get our promissory coup already. What's the worst that could happen? Democracy is only for the benefit minorities and we have a subjective belief that we have the numbers.

Remember it's not about knowing better, its about unleashing our hate for two-minutes a day or longer.