People need to stop and exam their beliefs.

Yes, even you. You social justice warrior. Always on the side of right, right? You're actually one of the easiest demographics to manipulate.

Everything has an opposite; or everything has an opposing view. Whichever way you choose to look at it. We have millions of people believing QAnon right now. There's going to be an equal and opposite thing millions of other people believe in, that's just as crazy.

But what is it? I have to assume that it exists as QAnon exists, and that since I can't see what it is...

I believe in it.

Always question your beliefs. Always question those you choose to follow. Nobody is unstained, nobody is incorruptible. Just because you judge the thing they're working for as good, don't assume they are good people. I've had many jobs that made me look like an asshole, but I'm not an asshole. So, equal an oppositely, there are people who have jobs that make them look good, when they're not.

Question everything, especially yourself.