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butwhattabout those oh-so-easily-manipulated trumpfsters unable to Extricate the trumpfster Crime Fambly from their Bank Accounts and yet willing to Sacrifice ALL ('masks violate my Free Speech!') for a thrice failed twice-impeached Loozer singularly Immoral so-called Human Being?

are they Righteous as well?

b. are You righteous?


@kristofarian, you can give yourself permission to let go of the anger.

Whataboutism may sound funny at times, but engaging that thought process within yourself and others can be unhealthy or even dangerous.

What’s one action you are planning on taking today to improve your world and the world around you?


Definition of righteous: acting in accord with divine or moral law : free from guilt or sin

Anyone using the word righteous is a religious zealot of one kind or another. Religious people are easily manipulated by design. They are taught to question nothing and believe in fake things they can't see. They need fake rules made up by men who say god gave them the rules in order to live lives where they can stay out of trouble or be absolved of everything troublesome they do in life (how convenient). The politicians that consider themselves on a righteous path are always religious and yet look who they support - the most craven, corrupt, revolting, hate filled assholes on the face of the earth.

I am most certainly not righteous nor will I ever be, thankfully. I refuse to be brainwashed by zealotry of any kind.

And no human on the face of the earth is free from guilt or "sin" (aka breaking of a moral or legal code).


here's whataboutit
DO Carl

see: Tom Tomorow for
some REAL Self-Righteousness:


I trust you'll
Tune In too?

oh and Anger's
a Tool. so what
are YOU doing?

& THNX, Xina!


@tovarich, are you in on what’s about to go down?

Here’s a hint: not everyone who’s claimed the “social justice” title for themselves actually gives a shit about our city. More than a few of the “leaders” have been working with Police Intelligence for years, even helping coordinate acts of violence against members of our own community on more than few occasions.

I’m all for social Justice, everyone should be, the problem is when we fail to hold each other accountable to the values we claim to maintain. If it we let it become just another meaningless label used to divide us, what hope do we have of making meaningful progress as a community.

Keep standing up and challenging your own and others’ ideas, that’s the only way things get ever get better.

Maybe start talking among your peer groups about how we should handle the problem of certain individuals and group who failed to responsibly use the community trust we empowered them with.

TLDR: Self-declared “Anti-police activist” “leaders” have been documented (directly and indirectly) repeatedly providing information to the police and coordinating police violence against members of our community. What should we do about this?


The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool.

@tovarich, I’m with you. Let’s dig in and do the work.

Under what conditions would you support providing the names, addresses, and other information of community members to known fascists and fascist organizations with a history of planning and coordinating violence against Portlanders?

Anne please be Frank with your answer


phishing for
is now Sport?


"And no human on the face of the earth is free from guilt or 'sin' (aka breaking of a moral or legal code)."

ah but there may have been One:
see: Personal Recollections
of Joan of Arc by
Mark Twain.

of all his books
his (and my)

it Needs
to be a Movie.


Good Luck.


You cannot lay bare your private soul and look at it. You are too much ashamed of yourself. It is too disgusting. For that reason I confine myself to drawing the portraits of others.

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